Tuesday, 13 June 2017

June 2017

I'm still on hobby hiatus unfortunately.

The re-decoration of the lounge is still essentially in the planning stage as neither I nor my wife have had an awful lot of time to try and clear stuff out so that we can even contemplate doing something like stripping the wallpaper off.

I've also had a holiday getting in the way, plus having to deal with the fallout of a car accident - some moron had stolen (as far as I'm aware since I've heard nothing more from the police since the incident) a Jaguar XF estate which they managed to crash into my parked car, shunting mine into my next door neighbour's car and taking out a lamppost too for good measure (well, dented it and knocked the light fitting off the top of it).  Both my and my neighbour's cars were write-offs so I've had the lovely experience (not) of trying to sort out a replacement car with not much money as I hadn't been planning on needing to replace my car for a few years yet.

I'm hoping that in a few weeks I'll have less going on and be able to get back to doing some lunchtime painting so I can try and finally finish off the Dragon Princes as I really want to get them sorted and then start work on my second dragon that's currently in bits (I'm hoping I've done enough with that in the past that I should be able to stick it back together again without any further work to aid that, which should in theory mean I can paint it as components at work and not have to worry about storing an assembled dragon model).

Maybe someday I'll find time to convert my command groups and assemble my kit-bashed White Lions.

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