Friday, 25 December 2015

December 2015

Hi everyone

This is probably going to be my last update for the year, through lack of time if nothing else.

While I’ve managed to get some painting done it’s not been as much as I’d planned to do, as things just seem to keep coming up an getting in the way.  (Several times I’ve filled my water pot and put it on my painting tray ready to start painting later in the evening and it’s then been there still the following morning.)

The painting I have managed to do is getting five Dragon Prince horses basecoated and washed to a state that I’m happy with and five I’ve basecoated, washed and then completely re-basecoated as the wash hadn’t been watered down anywhere near enough.

Dragon Prince Horse
Dragon Prince musician

Dragon Prince musician

Despite having taken a bit of a hammering money-wise through Christmas and other expenses, I’ve still ended up buying another box of Dragon Princes (to round out the units of them I’ve got in progress) and some bits to finish off a couple of DPs and also start some Silver Helms (although given what bits I need I suspect that unit is going to be a long burn to completion).

I’ve managed to get a game of fantasy in at the club against Ogres.  I was using a bit of a gimmick list based around Beasts wizards and casting Savage Beast of Horros to turn all my characters into combat monsters.

While the gimmick did work, as both my opponent and I arrived at the venue late and he was somewhat rusty, it ended up as a win to my opponent as we had to call the game at the end of turn five, just as my units of Swordmasters containing my characters had cut through his units of Ironguts and Bulls leaving just his Slaughtermaster who was about to be struck down if we'd had the chance to play turn six, which would have meant the game would at the least have been a draw depending on how other things went.

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