Wednesday, 16 December 2015

November 2015

November's been a bit of a quiet month hobby-wise.  Not quite as bad as July but I have only picked up a brush three times all month. Part of that has been down to trying to get my Raze and Ruin battle reports written up but there's also been a fair bit of prevarication resulting from not being sure what colours I was going to paint the horses.

Having had a scour through the paints I have on hand, I've finally decided on black, grey, light and dark brown for the horses (although I may do light and dark grey rather than just one shade).  I've picked out the paints I'm using for my base colours and I'm hoping that I might be able to get away with just a layer and a wash with some of them.

While I've still got tonnes of High Elf stuff to paint, I have been having thoughts about putting together a second army, possibly a Khorne-based Warriors army, making use of models from the Age of Sigmar starter as my Marauders and Warriors and/or Chosen.  Of course, it's once you start looking at the other things that would need adding to those to make a reasonably well-rounded army that the idea gets a lot less appealing, as I'd want to have a few of each unit option for variety and before I know it, I'll have almost as big a force of Warriors as I do my High Elves.

Anyway, any spending on models is going to have to wait until well after Christmas.  What with the car recently having had its service and MoT and needing far more work on it than expected, plus renewing car insurance, buying Christmas presents etc I'm hoping to have a month or two off spending so my bank account can recover.  I also need to try and find some cash to put aside for boring things like decorating the house and sorting out the garden (so that hopefully I can one day be out in the garden and actually enjoy it rather than just keep noticing all the little jobs that need doing).  Apparently though I'm to expect some models as presents as my daughter told the missus she wanted to get me some models for Christmas, so hopefully I'll be that little be closer to rounding out the units in my High Elves, or have a couple more characters for the army depending on what the wife's budget (which she always goes over) was.

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