Thursday, 25 February 2016

February 2016

My, my, how time flies. It only feels like five minutes ago that I sat down to write the January blog post.

It's a good job I don't go in for New Year's resolutions as February would have seen me break mine.  As mentioned in the January blog, I'm trying to have a real crackdown on spending at the moment.  Unfortunately, that went right out the window when one of the bits sites I use got some new stock in of bits I need for completing my Dragon Princes and some bits I can use for my Shadow Warriors. That probably wouldn't have been too hard on the wallet but then I had the thought that with GW repackaging more and more of their kits, anything I buy new will be on round rather than square bases, and so I ended up ordering a tonne of cavalry and 20mm infantry bases as well, which ratcheted up the final total quite a bit.

My second resolution, if I had made one, would probably have been to do more hobby.  Alas, February seems on course to be another comparatively quiet month as all I've achieved is clean up and assembly of bits (including those I've bought this month) for my Dragon Princes.  Hopefully what little I have done should at least be progress of sorts as I believe I've now cleaned up all the bits I have for the DPs at the moment and I'm hoping to get some time to undercoat them all this weeked. If I can do that then I should be able to get back to doing some painting in my lunchbreak at work in a week or two.

The main thing that's stopping me getting any painting done in my lunchbreak at the moment is that I'm currently trying to set up a revised homepage for the events website.  I've had a few nagging emails from Google about how I should do x, y and z to make things better for different devices and as there's the vague threat in there that your site's search ranking may be affected I've decided to get on and finish off a changed design I started working on a while ago.  Unfortunately, as is often the way with the website, I've found a few things that really need changing on the backend to make it easier and/or more flexible to produce the required information, and before you know it what should have been a reasonably straightforward upgrade of the homepage has spiralled into something bigger. Of course, it hasn't helped that as I've looked into making the layout of the homepage more responsive to screen size, I ended up banging my head up against the proverbial brick wall trying to find a suitable technique that will make it scale up and down as required.  And that's even before I try and do any slightly extensive cross-browser testing of it...

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