Tuesday, 12 April 2016

March/April 2016

This post is an amendment and continuation of the post I had planned to make in March - and then forgot to set live, so apologies if you were eagerly awaiting that update.

After a false start (ie. forgetting to take the parts to work with me that I was wanting to paint) I finally got back into lunchtime painting at work in March. Of course, it couldn't be completely simple. I realised as soon as I started painting the Dragon Prince heads that, for ease of handling, it would have made sense to have stuck them to the torsos first. I'd deliberately not stuck them on so that I'd have a smidgen more brush room when painting the faces but it's now looking like whatever time I would have saved will be lost through needing to paint both sides of the head separately, not to mention having to clean rather more paint off my fingers compared to normal.

Some of my work in progress
I also made a bit of a booboo by not doing the gold trim before applying Badab Black wash, which means I'm probably going to have to go over parts of the models with both Ironbreaker and more wash once I've got the gold layer on, adding more time to the process. (And I'll definitely have to go over one torso piece I managed to drop into the compartment of my pallet that had the paint in I was using at that time...) It didn't help that I didn't have the right gold paint, Retributor Armour, at work to start doing it so I went straight on to washes after finishing the Ironbreaker layer without thinking.  And this week, when I did finally get round to digging out my pot of Retributor Armour, I couldn't find my pot of Liberator Gold that I was sure I had and was using as the first highlight on the gold layer. At the time of writing I still haven't found this and I'm starting to wonder if I'd been using one of my older GW gold paints for the highlight or not. (Edit:- Have since found it.  I'd been looking for a pot with a clear top, since that's what all my other GW metal paints are in, whereas Liberator Gold is in a white top bottle)

Champion head work in progress
I've finally gotten round to looking at all my White Lions with a view to getting them cleaned up and undercoated.  As I'd bought around 20-30 off ebay there's more clean up work required than I would have liked as there's a fair few obvious mould lines that need sorting, plus the joins on the right shoulder pads are going to need work to remove the quite obvious gap (or at least eliminate the gaps enough that it's not going to bother me). Unfortunately, a number of the ones I'd bought had already been undercoated or part-undercoated.  On examination now it looks like some may have been an end of the can job given the comparative uneven-ness of the undercoat.  I had planned simply to strip the models using Simple Green as normal but while this worked on a handful of models,  those I'd got that were undercoated in white don't appear to have been affected by the Simple Green.  I've found this on a few models I tried to strip that I'd undercoated in Army Painter white spray primer and I'm wondering if there's something in the Army Painter sprays that Simple Green can't get through.  This means I'm going to have to be extra careful not to overdo the undercoat once I've got the models cleaned up and filled to a satisfactory level.

Torso work in progress
I've still not gotten round to properly assessing if I can use Dark Rider cloaks as a substitute for the Sisters of Avelorn/Shadow Warriors cloaks which I really must get around to doing, if only so I can get on with selling off the parts I don't need from the Dark Riders/Doomfire Warlocks kit I bought.  I've been on another minor spending spree, buying a load of Shadow Warrior legs, some cloaks and one more Dragon Prince shield that I need for that unit.

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