Wednesday, 4 October 2017

October 2017

Without wanting to shock anyone, I seem to be picking up a bit of hobby enthusiasm of late.

As I had to go up into the roof the other day to sort out my backup server, which was non-responsive following a power cut, I took a couple of minutes to dig out my main box of Dragon Princes to see what still needed doing.

Having thought I'd got a third of the horses still to do I was pleasantly surprised to find that in actual fact the horses are mostly done - it's literally just a final highlight on the gold that needs doing on about two thirds of the horses. The main exception is the lighter third of my horses which turned out to be two short of the number I need. I actually had three horses assembled and with some cloth and metal base coated so I've brought two to work with me to bring up to standard. I think I may have actually used the wrong colour as their base flesh but that shouldn't matter overall.

While I was up there I also had the crazy idea of digging out dragon no.2. While dragon no.1 still has a fair bit needing to be done, as that one is assembled it's not one I can risk bringing to work so instead I've brought dragon no.2 as that one was not assembled but was basecoated. (I'm sure I've a third dragon somewhere as well, not counting the Black Dragon I bought the missus as a Christmas present a few years back, although I can't remember what condition that one is in).

Admittedly starting work on another dragon isn't really a priority but in terms of what I can actually be getting on with right now, bearing in mind I can't get anything done at home due to not having space in the lounge to have hobby stuff about, it's something I can actually get on with. Yes, I could be doing that final highlight on the Dragon Prince horses, but that can wait until these two additional horses are at that stage too.

I'm painting this dragon green, using a pot of Goblin Green I found as the base. (I think the missus was using this as the base for the Sea Dragon Cloaks on her Corsairs during her brief period of interest in the hobby - I found several greens in a tub and I don't recall ever painting anything green myself). So far I've given the dragon two coats of green and I'm debating whether it needs a third before I put a wash over it. I may put the base coat on the rest of the body while I'm deliberating on that and see how the finish of the green looks.
Looking at my Dragon Princes the other day has reminded me that I need to sort cavalry bases for most of them. Hopefully it won't be too difficult to source some.

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