Wednesday, 25 April 2018

April 2018

Contrary to my hopes, I'm on a complete hobby lull at the moment. I had hoped to get some painting done at work but I'm still trying to figure out what I can squeeze into my locker and the best way to fit hobby gear on my desk when I'm working on models, given that my desk is smaller than it used to be.

I can't get any hobby done at home as the lounge redecoration is dragging on too. While I'm now in a new annual leave year, I'm struggling to find tradespeople to come and quote for a couple of small jobs that would need doing before we get a plasterer in*. Consequently, all my hobby gear is stuck up in the roof as I can't risk leaving it somewhere in the lounge my youngest might get at it, and I can't keep going up and down to the roof every time I want to do hobby... That basically just leaves me looking enviously at the wife when she gets out her cross stitch or knitting and turns on one of the down lights we've had put in.

I've also been struggling a bit to get board games nights on the go lately. One of the guys has been busy sorting his stuff out for moving into a canal boat while for the last one I tried to organise, one of the guys came down ill while the other got stuck in traffic on his way back from holiday and couldn't make it. Hopefully this week's games night won't suffer the same fate.

*That isn't me not being able to find anyone on Google but rather having filled out contact forms on tradespeople's websites I'm not hearing anything back - no autoresponse to say thanks for contacting us, no polite email back saying they don't do that kind of job or are busy for the next few months, and most importantly, no contact to sort out times to come to the house to prepare a quote. 

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