Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Welcome to "The all new blog of a barely competent painter"

Back from the dead (or at least arisen from the corpse that was my blog on the Heelanhammer podcast forum painting section) for a while at least, this is my all new painting blog.  If you're not familiar with my old painting blog, head on over to my About page where you can find links to what's left of it on the Internet Archive.

For those of you who don't want to wade through my About page, the TL:DR is that I've been an active Warhammer player again for about seven years now and this is my painting blog (with possibly the occasional battle report thrown in for good measure).

I collect High Elves and have been, very slowly, trying to get all my collection up to tabletop standard.  Don't expect to find any examples on this page of models and armies vying for the top painting awards at tournaments.  Do expect lots of posts along the lines of "haven't got anything done this month because I didn't have the enthusiasm" or "ran out of paint X so I'm now a month behind where I wanted to be"

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