Thursday, 27 August 2015

Finished a batch of Swordmasters

With the clock counting down to this year's Raze and Ruin I decided to try and get a bit of a mammoth undercoating session done this weekend.  As usual though, the best laid plans were thwarted by something, in this case running out of primer.  As I'm planning on using a Dragon Prince bus at the event I decided I'd best get on and prime my Dragon Princes. On Friday I started doing just that only to find out, just over half way through, that I'd run out of paint.  To be fair I didn't think I'd got much left in the can but I thought I'd got enough to do the job.  Apparently not.

Ordinarily I'd have just dropped into my local plastic crack emporium on Saturday after doing the fruit and veg shop in town but because I'd got the car I was taking the sprog and my mum out on a day trip and so was going to be in and out of town before the shop opened.  That was when, possibly sensing a potential husband nerd tantrum, the missus volunteered to pop to the aforesaid store during her lunch break and pick a can up for me.  Problem solved. Or so I thought.

The day trip out went well - the weather stayed nice, the sprog mostly behaved herself and didn't end up costing me or granny an arm and a leg but when I had a chance to check my mobile phone mid-afternoon the wife had texted to let me know she'd had a wasted trip as the shop was out of the particular primer I wanted.  Brilliant.

That left me with a quandary for Saturday night.  I could have done some more work on my Sisters of Avelorn but at the moment I'm not planning on using them at Raze and Ruin (a decision taken mainly due to the amount of work needed/available time rather than not wanting to start fielding them in anger) so while they needed doing it wouldn't help me regarding RnR.

On Sunday I had the mini brainwave that as the two Prince models I've got for dragon riders are mostly armoured I could get away with priming them in black and as I still had a bit of black primer left (although not a massive amount) they got primed on Sunday ready to go to work with me on Monday for the resumption of lunchtime painting.

That pretty much brings things up to date for now.  With the latest batch of Swordmasters finished I've now got a total of 70, including two lots of command, I can put down on the table, as you can see in the pictures below.

Latest batch completed

All the painted rank and file

With command 1

With command 2

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