Thursday, 30 June 2016

June 2016

As I mentioned last time out, due to the arrival of daughter number two I hadn't managed to get any hobby done in May. I've been able to rectify that this month and carry on working on my Dragon Princes. I've done just about as much as I think I can now on the heads and torsos, barring a final highlight on the faces once I find the paint I normally use for that.

This week I've been working on the shields. I'd been unsure about how I was going to paint them but in the end decided to stick to using the blues I use for the army with silver and gold for the decoration. The photo below is of a selection of those that are work in progress. (Apologies for the slightly out of focus shot but I was in a hurry to tidy up)

Work in progress on the shields
I'm hoping to find time to do an inventory of the models I've got unbuilt at some point over the summer so I can try and figure out if I want to get rid of anything from my plastics to go along with the metals I plan to offload.  While last year I was harbouring plans of sorting out a second army, at the moment I'm not so sure I can drum up the enthusiasm to clean up,build and paint another army, especially considering how little gaming I've got done over the past year.  It might have to be a case of wait and see, although depending on how much I can get for the models I end up selling I might end up putting that money aside for more photography gear as I appear to have been bitten by the photography bug again.  (Yes, that's right, at a time when I've got even less money to spare than I had before, I've regained enthusiasm for my most expensive hobby)

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